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Positive Power Coaching wins the Local Business Award and Pallavi Prasad bags 'Coach of the Year'

Positive Power Coaching wins the Local Business Award - Pallavi Prasad wins 'Coach of the Year' Award
Pallavi Prasad with Local Business Award Trophy for winning under the 'Coach of the Year' category

Pallavi Prasad - Manifestation, Mindset and Mindfulness Coach

Pallavi Prasad is the founder and CEO of Positive Power Coaching. Pallavi is an award-winning Manifestation, mindset, and Mindfulness Coach; Reiki, and Pranic healer.

She is also the author of Bedtime Prompts.

Pallavi Prasad has been mastering the manifestation techniques such as the law of Attraction and the Law of vibrations for over 15 years. During Lockdown, she has helped her community stay positive with her coaching methodologies. Her company - Positive Power Coaching Ltd was born post-lockdown.

Pallavi Prasad also organises various events online and in-person across the country such as Vision Board workshops and parties, Affirmation workshops mirror manifestation workshops, full moon circles, and retreats. Join her upcoming events here.

She not only coaches adults - individuals, businesses; but also children, teenagers, families, and Schools. She aims to create a manifestation lifestyle together with mind, body, and soul practices. Her coaching is based on mindset, subconscious programming, principles of the Law of Attraction, Law of Vibrations, and Energy Manifestation - Chakras, Sound healing, Crystals, forest bathing, and elements of nature (Earth, water, fire, sun, moon, air, sky, trees and more). Take a look at her coaching/manifestation courses here.

Pallavi has also been featured in various media - BBC Radio, Sky Channel TV, Coventry Observer Newspaper, and magazines such as Soul and Spirit, and Spirit and Destiny, Fierce Truths. All media coverage can be found here.

Local Business Awards

Local Awards are a part of StoryX. It is the brainchild of James Murphy.

Local businesses are more than just a business they are the very fabric of our communities, when they succeed they are fundamental to the success of our communities.
By giving national recognition to the best local businesses in the UK we will create a local business revolution inspiring resilient, thriving local economies, opportunity for all and a sustainable future we can be proud of.

Positive Power Coaching was also a finalist at the Innovation Awards 2023, and nominated for Woman Who Awards 2022 and Woman Who Solopreneur Awards 2023.


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