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Manifestation Mindset Makeover Programme

Reset your Mindset in 10 hours!
Make manifestation fun!

Join me on a 10-week manifestation mindset makeover programme. These 10 hours, spread over 10 weeks will empower you to break boundaries and limiting beliefs with abundance, money, relationships, career, travel, and more. Learn how manifestation can be simple, fun, and a day-to-day accomplishment.

Are you tired of...

  • Being stuck in limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset when it comes to money. Your inner voices say:

    • "It's not easy to make money"

    • "You have to work hard to earn money" 

    • "You have to grow in your career to earn more money"

  • Something or the other comes in between you and your dreams. It's mostly money, time, or priorities.

  • Staying stagnant in a career that no longer serves you because it fits in your comfort zone. Saying to yourself and others that "I hate my job. I have responsibilities and I can't quit my job"

  • Tired of being tired or working hard

  • Trying to find happiness every day but failing constantly due to lack of time, discipline, and chaos

  • Not finding quality time to mend, heal, and blossom relationships

  • Suffering from Aches and pains, migraines or poor health?

It's time to take back your control and become aware of your power!

Did you know?

  • ​You have the power to manifest anything!

  • Your body has the power to heal itself with a little help from your mind

  • You can heal the most painful memories

  • You can rewire your brain, heal your limiting beliefs and retain your subconscious mind

  • Your only limitation is you!


Shift your mindset, rewrite your own story, create your reality, start attracting more money, and happiness, and live the life of your dreams.

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10 weeks of life-changing coaching

Book 10 weeks of manifestation mindset programme for as little as £500

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What clients say....

“Pallavi is incredibly inspiring when she facilitates and enrols everyone when she shares practical and positive techniques anyone can use to manifest their dreams. I felt safe sharing my own dreams and potential challenges.”

“Pallavi is a true believer of what she is today. Her journey is a true testimony of ‘The Secret’."

“Pallavi radiates happiness and energy through out! I have taken up few sessions with her and found it reassuring to look at life in an enthusiastic perspective and look forward to be Pallavi’s friend, client and fellow human in this journey of life."

“Pallavi is also very credible since she uses her own story to describe how she herself uses the technique to manifest her desires. I look forward to following her and attending more sessions."

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