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Healing Relationship with my mother-in-law

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Healing Relationship with mother-in-law

12 years ago, I manifested my soulmate. I was so focused on manifesting him, that I didn't think about all the other relationships that came along with it.

I had a tough time getting along with my mother-in-law for almost 8 years! We had a bumpy start. I tried to see my mother in her. However there was this constant comparison between how my mother is and how she was different from her. The sort of expectations I had from her were not fulfilled and my heart was wounded and in turn it hurt her too. Since the start wasn't great it keep building up.

There was one point in my life when I realised that I had to heal this relationship - not only for myself but also for everyone else around me. When heart burns in hurt, it not only burns us but also hurts everyone who have access to this heart.

I firstly told myself that I am going to heal this.

I made a vision board with pictures of us together and trained my brain with repetition.

I wrote down some affirmations next to it:

  • Do it for Kiran (*kiran is my husband)

  • I will only give what I have

  • My heart is pure. My heart is true. It will touch her

  • I am manifesting peace for myself

  • I am a lovely person

  • I deserve happiness and peace

I visualised my relationship with my mother-in-law. how happy we are - laughing together, chatting away and keeping the family happy together. Whatever we think defines the truth. I showed a different reality to my subconscious mind to believe in.

I shut off all the negative conversations around her. It wasn't easy at first but I chose heart over head; thoughts over speech.

I decided to let go off my past memories, for I knew our memories can be rewritten and our brains can be rewired to think differently and to change our destiny. Whenever those hurtful memories stopped by to upset me, I said to myself that it's over. It's in the past. I was determined to build new memories filled with happiness and love.

The only portion that healed and bloomed this relationship is Love - unconditional love, all the way from the bottom of my heart. No matter how far we are from each other, when I think of her with all my love, I know that it will touch her and comfort her.

"Only when things change within you, things change around you".

I truly believed in her goodness and I believed in myself to have the ability to see it! I started seeing her as an individual and not as my mother-in-law. I learnt her life story - her struggles, dreams and desires. I loved all the parts of her that was unloved.

Today we are more like friends and less like relatives. Talking to her is easy. Everything just flows.

Healing this relationship has given my soul so much more confidence. My belief that love knows it's way when we follow ur heart; has got stronger than ever. The story I tell now is the story of our love and healing through unconditional love.

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