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How to turn a difficult workplace situation into a positive learning experience

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

We spend most of our time in workplace. So we want it to work for us, to give us happiness, positivity and a great learning experience. What if it does not? What if turns to be full of negativity, office politics and challenging people to work with.

Here is my life experience that helped me learn and enriched my life experience.

There was a time in my life when my boss was verbally abusive, not just to me, but to everyone working with him. It was difficult for me as I am not used to hear so much swearing. The swearing went on every single day, for even the silliest things. I just wanted a way out. But at the same time, I didn't want to be a quitter as I had just started my career.

Pallavi Prasad  - Positive Power Couple UK - Workplace Positivity and Mindset
Pallavi Prasad on Workplace Positivity and Mindset

So here's how I turned it into an opportunity for my self-development with my thoughts:

Recognise the situation

Being verbally abusive is his way of life. He does not know any other way!

Practice gratitide

Be grateful for the opportunity given. A grateful heart is like a magnet. Tougher the situation, more reasons to practice gratitude - to be able to attract more of the opportunities to be grateful for!

Focus on the positives

Look for it. Look really deep. What's positive about him? What's positive about this situation? What's positive about this workplace?

I loved travelling to my workplace. There was a superstore right next to my office and I enjoyed shopping in my lunch break.

My boss was very passionate about his business. Every day he put in a lot of effort to make his startup work. I focused on this and let my mind stay focussed only on this. I tried to learn what drives him to keep going. Now that I am starting up on my own coaching service, his life reminds me to keep going and do whatever it takes to get where I want to be.

Our journey is full of lessons

Our life is a journey of lessons. There are only lessons. I asked myself what I could learn from this situation. I learnt that there are a lot of people still deprived of love and that 'Each of us can only give what we have'. if he was abusive, I do not have to behave in the sam way. If i have love, I can only give love. If he was unloved, he can only give that to everyone.

Take each day as it comes

Yesterday is past. Thinking about tomorrow is vain. Just make today peaceful. Work towards making 'today' a better experience.

What can 'I give'?

It's not about what you get. But what you can give. I gave away empathy & love to my colleagues. I felt bad for my boss for being this way & that he wasn't loved enough.

You don't have to take it all in

It's not ok to take verbal abuse. It's not ok to

be bullied in your workplace. But if you have to sail through for whatever amount of time, make it peaceful. Let he situations help you raise like a phoenix and not bring you down. Do not take it heart and 'you' are important and no one but 'you' have to take care of yourself. If someone does not respect you, the fault is in them. Forgive them. you are capable of this.

I was grateful for the opportunity every single day. Since it was hard, I looked forward & believed that I deserved nothing but the best. Therefore I landed in one of the best places in the following job.

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