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Hi! I am Pallavi!

I am an award-winning manifestation and mindset coach.


With more than 15 years of practice in the Law of attraction and the Law of vibration, I have not only been manifesting my dream life but also helping others manifest their dreams, relationships, health, happiness, and more!

How it all started?

It all started with the Book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. I was going through a difficult time during my 20s and I wasn't able to find myself. This book absolutely changed the way I was thinking. 

I am a very inquisitive being. My journey which began with a book, made me look up more into mastering my mind, and energy.

My first manifestation was a fully sponsored programme to Germany to visit the Heidelberg Print Media Academy! Only 10 students from all over India were chosen and I was one among them! What are the odds of that?!

I then went on to manifest my soulmate. That's another wonderful story. We had not seen each other. We spoke on the phone and decided to get married! We saw each other just 3 days before the actual wedding. it's been 14 years since then and we are blissfully bonded to date (touch wood).


I have two beautiful girls like I always dreamt of. Although I had a couple of miscarriages and severe postnatal depression during my first pregnancy. I take it all as a part of learning and self-discovery.

Healing and Manifesting Relationships

I was so focused on finding my soulmate that I didn't think about all the other relationships that came along with it. I had a difficult time getting along with my mother-in-law for 8 years! I realised that I need to heal this for both of us and I did. Our home is full of love now and we are more like friends and less like 'related'. Love is now my new-found Superpower!

Soul-led Manifesting

I have always been spiritual. I spent my childhood asking questions about why everything was the way it is. All my learnings lead me towards soul-led experiences and finding the purpose of my existence.

My life now

We have traveled the world and still have a list of dream destinations we want to go. I have a perfect work-life balance, as I always imagined. I have a loving relationship with my friends and family; neighbors, colleagues, and strangers! We always attract the right kind of people, experiences, and happiness. It's not a coincidence. it's the law of attraction working its magic.

Through this journey, I have also helped a few friends change their mindset through the Law of Attraction and manifest their life. It just hit me one day when I was having a conversation with my friend - I must start coaching! So here I am. I am a qualified Law of Attraction practitioner and coach. I am also a Reiki Practitioner. I am constantly learning to help my clients heal and bloom.

My methodology is having fun with the universe to achieve all that you want. The Law of attraction and manifesting is not boring or difficult or a chore. nor it's a 'get rich quick' scheme. It's a lifestyle choice.


It's exciting! Life is beautiful! Manifesting is fun! Let me help you see it through my eyes.

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