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Bedtime Prompts

21 prompts to train your subconscious mind and raise your consciousness

Did you know?

your mind has the power to attract everything you want!

What if I told you...

you could reprogram your brain and create your perfect life in just 10-15 mins before bed!


Your subconscious mind is always active. The last thing you think about before bed can manifest into your reality. So why not give it a positive and happy emotion to work with?

Psst... I have added some simple energy rituals that are a part of Law of Attraction techniques to recharge your body and mind.


This is the ultimate subconscious programming cheat sheet!


This is the bedtime routine secret that successful people don't share with you!

All it takes is 10-15 mins of you time and willingness to escape the endless loop and take control of your life!



The Science behind these cards:
Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration


When we think positive thoughts and practice gratitude, we attract more of them into our lives. But how do we train our brains to think positively all the time? Sometimes our reality may be the total opposite of what we want to have or be.


The answer to this is self-belief through repetitions, affirmations, shifting emotions, and most importantly choosing to make that change in your life. Positive practices before bed is a very crucial element, as our subconscious mind can transform our thoughts for us through the night.


Therefore I have put together a deliberately designed set of 21 cards to make you think about gratitude, energy, and the things that matter the most in your life - which in turn triggers the emotions that you want to be in. By practicing to be in this positive emotion every night, it becomes your habit.

It is designed to be used regularly, as it's a mindset practice and not just a tarot or deck of card games.

How to use these cards?

Put your phone on Aeroplane mode.

Reserve the last 10-15 mins of your bedtime to browse these cards.


Let these prompts help you raise your consciousness to set the perfect tone for the night.


These simple prompts and energy rituals are designed to train your subconscious mind so that your thoughts become things overnight!

More details:

• 21 cards + 1 instruction card - Why 21 cards?
• Dimensions - 89x127 mm
• Printed colour and laminated to both sides on 350gsm silk paper
• Trimmed to round-corners
• Made in the UK from FSC® Certified paper
• Dispatches from a small business in the United Kingdom

• Designed fully by me! ❤️


Fine Print:

All Right Reserved. This idea (Affirmation cards/tarot cards/deck of playing cards can be used to train the subconscious mind before bed) is copyright protected. No part of these cards may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or means without prior written permission from the author. Disclaimer: This card pack is for entertainment purpose only and should not replace medical or professional guidance.


"Reading them through when you go to bed puts you in the right mindset for a restful and positive night's sleep."


"They are beautifully produced and very professional - a joy to handle. Some of the prompts also lead you to discover new things."

"I think it's a great idea to turn off the phone and take a moment for inner reflection. The quality and thickness of the cards is amazing. Also, love that they are simple and easy to use. The energy rituals as a part of manifestation is also very useful. Thank you! 🙂"

"So my question is do I need this product? yes, I do. Although we know we need to have a quality bedtime routine, we often are involved in a lot of technology and noise around us. These cards help us to remind us of what we already know we should do. The gratitude prompts are excellent in terms of bringing that energy back to ourselves. There are a few prompt cards on the market but this is the first bedtime card I found."

"It is reassuring to find the Author/Coach's information on the back of the card and to know that someone knowledgeable has well written these cards. Overall, I definitely recommend this product"

"Pallavi's ‘Bedtime Prompts’ have not only massively helped me to ‘switch off’ before going to sleep, but also to clear my mind of negative thoughts. I love how these cards have reframed my pre-bedtime thoughts."

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