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Frequently Asked Questions

Bedtime Prompts

Are the Bedtime Prompt Cards suitable for children?

I would recommend these cards for 7 years and over with some guidance. The cards with crystals and intention need explaining for the first time.

Do I need to know about manifestation to use these cards?

No. The cards are easy to understand. Some cards with concepts about manifestation have descriptions/explanations below them. 

Are the energy rituals religious?

No. The cards are based on science rather than religion or fiction. The science of how the energy around us works and how we can use it to understand consciousness and raise vibrations.

Why does the deck of cards have only 21 cards?

There are two reasons for this.

1. Number 21 has a significant role in manifestation, numerology, science, and sacred geometry. 

  • 5 organs of perception (nose, tongue, eyes, ears, skin)
    + 5 organs of action (hands, legs, mouth, excretion, reproduction) 
    + 5 Vital energy forces (sky, air, water, fire, earth)
    + 5 basic elements of nature (air, life force, excretion, circulation, digestion) 
    + the Mind
    add up to 21

  • In Numerology, the number 21 is a Good Sign. This lucky number represents new beginnings and new opportunities. This is the very idea of Bedtime Prompts - Resetting every night afresh with intentions.

  • Number 21 is also protection and comfort. So when you sleep away with your conscious mind being involuntary and at rest, I wish that the angels watch over us and help our mind, body and soul gets a good rest.

There is so much more info out there to back this up. Since childhood, I have been using the number 21 as a way to begin new endeavors. I set 21 days as the target time to bring my manifestation to life. This is something that I have always been using and has always worked. Therefore I want to share this technique with you in the Bedtime Prompts.

2. Let's keep the bedtime routine short and sweet!

Let's be honest. After a long day, all we want to do is get on the cozy bed and doze off. If we are asked to browse 52 cards (that's the standard set of cards available), including the energy rituals, how many of us would follow this routine every day? Not many. That's the reason I have kept it short with very effective tried-and-tested techniques that absolutely work and are simple to follow.

What knowledge do you have about manifestation and mindset?

I have been practicing the Law of Attraction manifestation techniques for more than 15 years now. I have not only unfolded and attracted many miracles in my life, but also helped others live their best life. I have been featured on BBC CWR, Coventry Observer, Soul and Spirit Magazine, Spirit and Destiny Magazine to name a few. Read more about me here.

Can I customise the cards?

No. The cards are well thought out and designed to help set a mindful bedtime routine and help your subconscious mind manifest your desires. You can journal to pin down more of your desires in detail.

Do I need the crystals mentioned in a card?

It's great if you have them. Else you could use any crystal of your choice. I am planning to include the crystals as a part of the Bedtime Prompt Cards soon.

What if I need some more details on certain cards?

Please feel free to send me a message on this website or Facebook or Instagram. I am happy to have a chat.

How much do the Bedtime Prompt cards cost?

I am selling the Bedtime Prompts at £15 on Etsy. However, I am happy to reduce the prices for multiple orders and bulk orders.

Can you ship Bedtime Prompt cards outside the UK?

I have sold the cards to India, Germany, and other countries. Email me to check eligibility.

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