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Chakra Enlightenment Festival

Updated: May 14

Everything you need to know about your Chakras to live a high-vibe lifestyle

Chakra Enlightenment Festival Warwickshire - Pallavi Prasad - Positive Power Coaching

This is the perfect place to know everything about your Chakras - whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge about chakras. 

A full-day festival will help you understand what chakras are, why, and how to balance them with colors, food, yoga asanas, Mantras, affirmations, and more!

What are chakras?

Chakras are the energy centers within the human body. The word "chakra" is derived from Sanskrit which means "wheel" or "disk. These energy centers are thought to be spinning wheels of energy that correspond to various aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

There are typically seven main chakras, each associated with a specific area of the body and specific qualities.

Our emotions, health conditions, and manifestations are based on the energy flowing through these chakras.

What happens when Chakras are not in balance?

  1. Physical Discomfort or Illness: Imbalances in certain chakras may manifest as physical discomfort or illness in the associated areas of the body. For example, an imbalance in the heart chakra might be linked to heart or respiratory issues.

  2. Emotional and Mental Disturbances: Each chakra is also associated with certain emotions and mental states. An imbalance in a particular chakra may lead to emotional or mental disturbances related to those aspects. For instance, an imbalance in the throat chakra might be associated with difficulty expressing oneself or communicating effectively.

  3. Energy Blockages: The flow of energy through the chakras is believed to be crucial for maintaining overall balance. Imbalances or blockages in the chakras are thought to disrupt the free flow of energy, potentially leading to various issues.

  4. Spiritual Disconnect: Some believe that an imbalance in the higher chakras, such as the third eye or crown chakra, can lead to a sense of spiritual disconnect or lack of higher consciousness.

  5. Life Challenges: Imbalances in the chakras are often associated with specific life challenges or patterns. For example, an imbalance in the root chakra might be linked to feelings of insecurity or instability in one's life.

How to balance Chakras?

They can be balanced in various ways such as colours, food, sounds, yoga, breathwork, movement, elements of nature, affirmations, mantras, and more...

Come, join us at the Chakra Enlightenment Festival to learn some simple techniques to balance your Chakras in just a few minutes, every day.

Why is this event called the 'Chakra Enlightenment Festival'?

A retreat is something you get away or withdraw from, an event you attend to break your cycle of routine and rest, reflect, and renew.

A workshop is where you are involved in discussion and activity on a particular subject.

But the Chakra Enlightenment Festival is a place where you learn about your Chakras and you will be enlightened about how big of an impact and difference it can make to your life.

It is called a festival because your learning is fun! There is music, sound bath, yoga, dance, food, and fun group activities involving elements of nature - Earthing/grounding, water manifestation, sky gazing, and ecstatic dance by the fire.

There will also be a workshop on creating your very own Intention Jar with affirmations, crystals, and herbs.

It's not a retreat where you get away from your 'normal' life and get back to it after the event.

It's not just a workshop where you create something to showcase it.

It's a festival where you have fun along with learning and taking away some of the most important techniques and hacks that you could use throughout your life!

This festival helps to look within and upgrade the areas of your life that need alignment and balance


Chakra Enlightenment Festival at Wootton Park, Warwickshire

The venue is a beautiful Yurt surrounded by 360 acres of Warwickshire landscape. The perfect place to take in the good energy of the day.


What to expect at the Chakra Enlightenment Festival

🌈 Introduction and cheat sheet to understanding Chakras - location and functions in our body, colors, smells, symbols, etc.

🧘‍♀️ Yoga

🧘‍♂️ Seed Mantra meditation

🤌 Mudras and breathwork

🌍 Elements of Nature

👣 a. Earthing/Grounding technique

💧b. Water Manifestation

☁️ c. Sky Gazing

💃🔥d. Ecstatic Dance by the fire pit

💎🌿 Intention jar workshop with crystals and herbs

🎵 Sound bath

🌈🥣 Chakra foods - Nutritious Chakra-themed lunch, coffee/tea, and cakes; along with locally foraged edible flowers!


Chakra Enlightenment Festival - Hosted by Pallavi Prasad, Positive Power Coaching

Pallavi Prasad - Manifestation Mindset and Mindfulness Coach - Coventry Warwickshire

Pallavi Prasad is an award-winning Manifestation, Mindset, and Mindfulness Coach; author of the revolutionary Bedtime Prompts; Reiki, and Pranic Healer.

Pallavi has not only been practicing and manifesting miracles in her life for over 15 years, but also helping others live their dream lives through coaching, workshops, and retreats.


Heart Cruz - Sound therapist and meditation facilitator

Akshata Shetty - Yoga therapist and breathwork facilitator



"Pallavi is a powerhouse of positivity and energy."

"I had an amazing time at the event! The cold outside and the warmth of the fire, the music, food, and everything made it an amazing experience. I would definitely come again. I think everyone need to come and experience such an event."

"There was so much to take away from the event that I wouldn't have learned from Books or online Videos. Pallavi is not only an expert in her field, but also clearly someone who has been practicing it to be able to condense the knowledge into easy hacks."

"The presentation was excellent. The concepts were so easy to understand, that I began to question "How did I not know this before?!". I am definitely going to apply this in my life going forward."

Chakra Enlightenment Festival Videos

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