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Law of Attraction Manifestation and Mindset Coaching

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Candy Cotton

Hello! I am Pallavi Prasad.
I am an award-winning manifestation and mindset coach.

I am also the author of Bedtime Prompts; Reiki and Pranic healer.


I have been practicing the law of Attraction and the Law of vibration for over 15 years, and have manifested many miracles in my own life.


I am now fulfilling my life's purpose in helping others tap into their true potential and live high-vibe life.

We are here in this physical realm to be happy and to experience life to the fullest. So let's live it well!

My mission is to help you heal your mind, body, and soul. I want to challenge your belief system through unique tools and techniques of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, which I have mastered over the years. My clientele includes individuals, families, and businesses.


My methodologies are simple and designed to bring ecstatic moments every day.


Come, and join me on this journey towards a more fulfilling life. 

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Change your life in 10 mins with 


Melanie | UK

Raising Vibrations Coaching

"Pallavi radiates happiness and positivity and it was a joy speaking with her as well as learning ways to improve myself and my life going forward.


I am so grateful I was able to participate in this session and feel excited to put my new rituals into practice."

Divya | India

Happiness and Positivity Coaching

"When I first consulted Pallavi, lots of negativity and confrontations were happening around me then. I've seen a lot of changes within myself after I started talking to her. Her affirmation, visualization, and vision board techniques have brought tremendous change in the way I look at things and have helped me regain peace and calmness. Thank you, Pallavi!"

Elizabeth | UK

Pregnancy Coaching

“I had been in a low place since receiving some difficult news. It was so helpful to get tailored advice on how I can shift my mindset and therefore reality. I have clear steps and suggestions to take forward and now believe I can make things happen for myself and turn things around. Thank you I'm so grateful!"

Nelie | Ireland

Meetup Classes

“Pallavi is incredibly inspiring when she facilitates and enrolls everyone when she shares practical and positive techniques anyone can use to manifest their dreams. I felt safe sharing my own dreams and potential challenges.”

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