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Pallavi Prasad Awarded at the Parliament - IIW She Inspires Award - 'Remarkable Mentor'

Updated: May 24

Pallavi Prasad from Positive Positive Power Coaching bags the runner-up Award at the IIW She Inspires Awards 2024 for her innovative contribution to coaching and mentoring.

Pallavi Prasad receives IIW She Inspires Award - Reamarkable Mentor Award from Darshan Singh Nagi and Warrant Officer British Army Ashok Chawan MBE at the UK Parliament

Pallavi Prasad is an award-winning Manifestation, Mindset, and Mindfulness Coach; author of revolutionary Bedtime Prompts; Reiki and Pranic healer.

Pallavi has been practicing and mastering the manifestation techniques for over 15 years, unfolding many miracles in her life. Read more about her journey here

Post-lockdown she found her true calling to help others manifest their dream life and tap into their full and true potential.

Pallavi has a unique style of coaching and mentoring. It is a combination of:

  1. Manifestation techniques -  Law of Attraction, vision boards, and affirmations

  2. Mindset techniques - re-programming subconscious mind and powerful bedtime rituals

  3. Mindfulness practices - mindful eating, practicing silence, and digital detox

  4. Energy manifestation - Law of Vibration - the energy of thoughts, emotions, and actions - backed up by Reiki and Pranic healing practices; and raising vibrational energy through elements of nature

She not only coaches online and in-person; but also hosts various holistic and wellbeing events across the country.

Pallavi Prasad coaches individuals and businesses; adults, children, teenagers, and families to help them create a high-vibe manifestation and mindful lifestyle.

Pallavi has been featured on BBC Radio, Sky channel MaTV, and other print media such as Coventry Observer, Soul and Spirit, Spirit and Destiny, and Fierce Truth Magazine. All media coverage can be found here

Pallavi has also previously won the Local Business Awards, and was a finalist at the Innovation Awards 2023.

Remarkable Mentor Award was presented to Pallavi Prasad by Darshan Singh Nagi, CEO at DN Global Tec and Warrant Officer British Army Ashok Chawan MBE at the historic British Parliament.

"I am over the moon to receive this recognition and appreciation. I am driven more than ever to learn and contribute. I have big dreams and aspirations for the future and will look forward to manifesting them!" - Pallavi Prasad

Inspiring Indian Women (IIW)

Inspiring Indian Women Group, (Not for profit organisation) was started with the vision to reach out and inspire each other with their success stories. It aims to help and promote Indian culture across the globe but also provides a healthy platform for our Indian women to motivate and support others.

The IIW team has been supporting women from all fields to grow professionally and personally. Following in the same footsteps, 'She Inspires Award' celebrates the Strength exhibited by women in different roles.

IIW Awards were hosted by Honourable MP Padmashree CBE Bob Blackman at the houses of Parliament.

Bob Blackman, is a Conservative Party politician who has been a Member of Parliament for Harrow East since 2010.

CHIEF GUEST - Mayor of Camden, Councillor Nazma Rahman

Labour councillor for West Hampstead Ward, currently serving in her second term. She has lived and worked in Camden her whole life, with her three children.


  1. Lord Brennan – Former Chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales, President of the British-Spanish Parliamentary Group, and President of Canning House. He has been a King’s Counsel since 1985 and is a senior associate member of Matrix. His areas of expertise include commercial law.

  2. Ajay Kumar Thakur – Attaché (Coordination), High Commission of India.

  3. Honourable MP Joy Morrissey – Conservative MP for Beaconsfield

  4. Honourable MP Shailesh Vara

  5. Honourable MP Theresa Villiers – Conservative MP for Chipping Barnet

  6. Honourable MP Elliot Colburn from Sutton

  7. Honourable MP Jonathan Lord from Woking

  8. Cllr Sunil Chopra – Former Mayor of Southwark

  9. Prof Parag Singhal (Consultant Endocrinologist, Founder Director ournhsourconcern, Chief Executive BTA, Member Clinical Senate)

  10. Cllr Darshan Sunger – Since 2017, he has been serving as a district councillor for Chigwell Village. Presently Chairman of Epping Forest and a very successful Businessman.

  11. Krishna Pujara - CEO, Saheli; Chair, Domestic Abuse Forum; President, UK-India Business Council WICCI; Chair, ALL UK PRO; NCGO Sec; Sardar Patel UK


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