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What's on my desk? Powerful Manifesting Tools and Techniques to Use at your Work Desk.

Updated: Jul 17

Powerful things to remove negative energy, raise vibrations and improve workplace productivity.

We spend hours working on our desks but what do we actually have on there that makes us more productive?

Here are the top 5 things on my desk that help me remove negative energy, raise vibrations, and help me want to work here.

1. Lights 💡✨

"Let there be light"

Fill your hearts, mind, and soul with light. Choose whatever makes you happy. I love fairy lights! Why must I wait for Christmas to bring joy, when I can be joyous every single day?! I also have a Himalayan salt lamp. It helps me keep the surrounding air fresh, neutralises the electromagnetic field, and increases my energy level.

2. Star Anise ⭐

Did you know? Star anise helps raise your psychic awareness, and helps with consecration, cleansing, and protection. I love to smell it.

3. Black Tourmaline 🖤

In today’s world of electronics and gadgets, we are surrounded by constant radiation in the form of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

They are harmful to us and mess with our vibrational energy and mood when exposed for a long duration.

Black tourmaline contains a high concentration of iron, which is specifically good at absorbing and harmonizing EMFs. The magnetic nature of iron literally pulls the EMFs towards itself. It is also extremely grounding. It helps enhance the body’s natural electrical field – thus making it more grounded.

4. Mirror 🪞

I can't stress enough how important the Mirror Manifestation technique is. Every day you can shift your reality with just a simple mirror and your affirmations. I have a mirror just next to my desk. Whenever I need to hear from myself, I just look in to find courage and answers.

5. Plants 🌱🪴

They're so alive and full of energy ⚡

Watch them grow and acknowledge the fact that their energy forms giving away fresh air and energy ⚡

Last but not least, work in a naturally well-lit room, with a view to look for.

When I am working from my physical office, I make sure I face the outside where I can look at green spaces.

Take breaks often and look away from your screen. I am grateful for my lunch break where I can walk outside in the park next door.

Ask yourself often - "How am I feeling right now?" If you are feeling good, your vibrations are good. If not, it's time to raise them.

Would you try these techniques?

✍️ Comment below to let me know...

Workplace Productivity with Manifesting Tools and Techniques
Improve Workplace Productivity with Manifesting Tools and Techniques


Pallavi Prasad - Manifestation Coach
Pallavi Prasad - Manifestation Coach

About me:

I am Pallavi Prasad - award-winning Law of Attraction Manifestation and Mindset coach. With over 15 years of experience in manifesting miracles in my own life, I have been helping others live their life to full potential with the help of the universal laws of nature - especially the law of attraction and the law of vibration.

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