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Positive Power Coaching is a Finalist for Innovation Awards 2023

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Pallavi Prasad with Bedtime Prompts - Finalist for Innovation Awards 2023 - Positive Power Coaching

Positive Power Coaching was chosen as one of the five finalists for Innovation Awards 2023 under the 'New Innovation' category.

Positive Power Caching - Innovative approach to living a high-vibe life with Manifestation, mindset, and Mindfulness Coaching.
Pallavi Prasad's Bedtime Prompts aims to reprogram the subconscious mind and create a positive bedtime habit.

Innovation Awards

Innovation Awards recognises, celebrates and reward the businesses, individuals and organisations dedicated to innovation.

Richard Fallon from Technology Supply Chain is the mastermind behind the Innovation Awards. He is passionate about connecting manufacturing, engineering, technology, and services firms to grants, fully funded support, and new opportunities.

Positive Power Coaching - Manifestation, Mindset, and Mindfulness Coaching

Pallavi Prasad has been mastering the manifestation techniques for more than 15 years. Post lockdown she followed her calling to teach this skill to others and make manifestation a lifestyle rather than a crash course. Positive Power Coaching was born in June 2022.

Since then Pallavi Prasad has won the Local Business Awards under the 'Coach of the Year' category; and the Global Recognition Awards 2023. She was also nominated for the Woman Who Awards 2022 and Woman Who Solopreneur Awards 2023. Links to Awards can be found here.

Pallavi has also been featured in various media - BBC Radio, Sky Channel TV, Coventry Observer Newspaper, and magazines such as Soul and Spirit, and Spirit and Destiny, Fierce Truths. All media coverage can be found here.

Pallavi Prasad coaches individuals, businesses, children, teenagers, families, and Schools. Her coaching is based on mindset, subconscious programming, principles of the Law of Attraction, Law of Vibrations, and Energy Manifestation - Chakras, Sound healing, Crystals, forest bathing, and elements of nature (Earth, water, fire, sun, moon, air, sky, trees and more). Take a look at her coaching/manifestation courses here.

Pallavi Prasad also organises workshops, retreats, and vision board parties across the country. She also organises online Meetup sessions.

Some of the latest manifestation events include Vision Board and Full Moon Manifestation Party, Full Moon Manifestation circles at Allesley Park; and Affirmation and Mirror Manifestation Workshop. All past and upcoming events can be found here.

Bedtime Prompts - an Innovative, must-buy Product

Pallavi Prasad calls her Bedtime Prompts revolutionary!

In the world of wellness apps, Bedtime Prompts goes against apps and technology; into the Law of Attraction, the law of Vibrations, and energy rituals to look within, reprogram the subconscious mind, and achieve a positive and calm bedtime routine.

Here's Pallavi's definition of Bedtime Prompts:

Created with an intent to switch off and distance yourself from the technology (mobile devices, TV, Smartphones, etc); and create a bedtime routine based on the Law of Attraction and Law of vibration, to manifest and attract the life and emotions you desire.

Bedtime Prompts are a set of 21 well-written cards to program your subconscious mind before bed. No matter what you have gone through during the day, the last 10 minutes of your bedtime can re-write and reprogram your mind to create your desired reality!

Bedtime Prompts are available to buy on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Bedtime Prompts - Ultimate Subconscious Programming Cheat Sheet!

Pallavi Prasad has put all her 15 years of expertise into creating this pocket-size cheat sheet. There are so many books out there on manifestation, bedtime rituals, and subconscious programming. Where can you start? Bedtime Prompts are the perfect place to be.

Bedtime Prompts consist of prompts that trigger you to think about things that really matter to you), prompts that elevate your vibrational energy such as gratitude, affirmations, energy rituals; and tips and tricks on creating a positive, mindful, and calm bedtime routine.

This is designed to take only 10-15 minutes of your bedtime! It is definitely a cheat sheet for the fast-paced and technology-based generation.

Bedtime Prompts Cards are written and fully designed by Pallavi Prasad herself. Her prior experience as a graphic designer and digital marketer has come in handy in creating this amazing-looking product.

Bedtime Prompts has also received amazing reviews on Etsy and social media.

Innovation Awards #IA2023 Photos

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