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Pallavi Prasad on BBC Radio

Updated: Jan 23


Shay Kaur Grewal from BBC Radio London chats with Pallavi Prasad about easy hacks for adapting Manifestation practice into a busy lifestyle

Pallavi Prasad is an award-winning Manifestation, Mindset, and Mindfulness coach; and author of the revolutionary Bedtime Prompts; Reiki, and Pranic Healer.

She has been practicing and mastering the law of Attraction Manifestation techniques for over 15 years. Post-lockdown she followed her true calling to help others manifest their dream life.

Pallavi organises workshops across the country educating adults and the young generation about the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration, to create a Manifestation lifestyle for individuals, families, and businesses.

In today's fast-paced life, post-Christmas shopping spree, cost of living, etc, it can weigh heavy on mental health and manifestation mindset. Sometimes it isn't easy to practice gratitude when the external environment does the work in our favour.

Shay Kaur Grewal chats with Pallavi Prasad on BBC Radio London about easy hacks for busy Londoners to adapt manifestation into their everyday life.

Pallavi's Bedtime Prompts are based on a 10-minute technique to train your subconscious mind to manifest effortlessly during bedtime.

Three easy hacks from her Bedtime Prompts include mini Vision Boards, using crystals such as Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline under the pillow (Buy here), and gazing at the sky before bed.

"Pallavi is a breath of fresh air" - Shay Kaur Grewal, BBC Radio London

Curious? Listen to the full conversation below:



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