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How to manifest anything with Mirror Manifestation Method

Hi there! Happy to find you here! Did you find this article, or did the article find you?

In any way, the next few paragraphs might change your life! Read on...

Ask yourself...

  • Do you find it hard to see ecstatic moments of joy in your job, relationships, or life in general?

  • Are you stuck in a matrix every day and struggling to break through and reset your mindset?

  • Do you want to change something about yourself but don't know where to start?

  • Are you procrastinating because you are scared to take that first step towards your growth?

Have you heard of the mirror manifestation method? You can build your confidence and manifest anything 10X faster with just your mirror, belief, and willingness to change your reality!

Before you start mirror manifestation, here are the top three things you need to know:

Belief system:

Unless you truly believe that this work, it won't. Nothing does. When we were kids, we believed in everything. We had all the confidence in the world. Once we started to grow up, we embodied the belief system that was around us - from our parents, teachers, friends, news/media, and environment. We have taken upon others' belief system and made them our own!

So, here I am asking you to believe in something that's been there for ages and is a science rather than fiction. Try and be open to the idea that this works. It has been and will always work.

Reality Shifting:

What does your current reality look like? What is your desired reality? List it down. Don't stop your imagination from going wild. Remember, anything is possible with your thoughts, as thoughts create things. Everything we see today - physical and non-physical, was created through thoughts.

Remember the last time someone talked to you about an accident or war or a wonderful holiday? Have you noticed that for a millisecond you went into their reality and felt the feelings they felt? It may be pain or anger or joy. Every time we feel something, we jump into that reality. This is reality shifting. We may be doing this often without our knowledge. And through the law of attraction, sometimes we invite those emotions to become a part of our reality!

You can deliberately reality shift to what you really want to feel, where you really want to go and who you want to be.

Subconscious mind play:

Unless you plant something in your subconscious, until you deep-root the manifestation you want, things don't work for you. Mirror manifestation is one of the best ways to tap into your subconscious mind.

How to use Mirror Manifestation Technique:

Everything is energy. Your every thought has energy. It can be positive or negative. The more you self-sabotage yourself, the more your confidence lacks. What do your inner voices say to you? Start paying attention to them...

A mirror amplifies the energy you send to it. So list down your inhibitions to turn them into your strengths, with affirmations that are opposite to how you feel.

For example, I always thought I had an accent and if I did coach, people would find it hard to understand me. I watched other coaches from across the world rocking it with their authentic accents, being who they truly are, and being proud of where they come from.

So, I wrote affirmations to myself to say "I am perfect. I have a great accent. I have amazing charisma. My thoughts flow from my heart. My intent flows with my content."

So which part of your self needs work? Are you worried about the way you look or the knowledge/skills you have? Are you worried about others' around you who are in a better place than you? Start noting.

Write affirmations that you want your desired reality to have.

Sit or stand in a comfortable place in front of a mirror.

  • Look in your eye (in the mirror).

  • Start saying your affirmations a couple of times. Remember to believe in what you say. Say with full conviction.

  • Talk as if you would take to your best friend or how your best friend would talk to you.

  • Feel it. How does it feel to be the person you always wanted to be? Your emotion has energy. This is the energy you need to tap into your subconscious.

  • I am sure everyone takes a toilet break often and most of them have a mirror. So practice this as many times in a day as you can.

The more you do, the more you train your subconscious mind. When you show your desired reality much more times than what reality is, it (subconscious) gets confused. It brings in the reality it sees often, rather than the current reality you are living now!

This is magic! This is science! This is real and it's easy!

Try this and let me know how it feels in the comments below...


About me:

I am Pallavi Prasad, your Law of attraction manifestation and mindset coach. With over 15 years of experience in manifesting miracles in my own life, I have been helping others live their life to full potential with the help of the universal laws of nature - especially the law of attraction and the law of vibration.


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