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21 Days Manifestation Mindset Challenge

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Want to manifest but don't know where to begin? Want to reset your mindset and break bad habits? You are at the right place!

I am inviting you to join me on my 21 days manifestation mindset challenge. While I will be doing it myself and sharing my journey with you, I would like you to practice this with me and share your journey with me. Sounds interesting? Join here

Below are your key steps:

Create a focus wheel or a table with the following things in mind:

  1. Health

  2. Family/Love

  3. Business/Career/Money

  4. Self-development

  5. Joy

Take time to list things in each of the above sections. To give you an example, I have listed the following under Health:

  • Excercise

  • Light Dinner

  • Fibre intake

  • Yogurt/probiotic

  • Self-care

  • Water intake

Tick them off at the end of each day to see where you are heading with your goals.

Discipline and emotion is the key to manifestation. Only when you feel good about yourself and your journey, you can manifest your desires with ease and unfold great miracles in your life.

Okay! Once your list of priorities is ready, let's get manifesting!

Practice these rituals Every day for 21 days:

1. Gratitude journal

Remember, a grateful heart is a magnet or a doorway to miracles through your life. The more grateful you are, you attract more opportunities to be grateful for.

First thing in the morning and last thing before bed should be the time for writing down your gratitude journal. Practice this every day.

2. Affirmation practice

Who brings you the most strength along this journey? It's you! Write affirmations every single day to help you stay strong and focused on your journey.

3. Quiet time

Reserve 2 mins of your day for practicing quiet time. Get out of your desk, switch off your phone, and stay away from all distractions. Get outside or stand by the window and gaze at the green around you. Observe your ears ringing in silence. Observe your breath. Be present in the moment. You are alive! Feel it. Do it every day! In your lunchtime or the midst of the day or in the evening after a bust day at work.

4. Meditation / Breathwork

Have you paid attention to your breathing? It's what keeps us alive, systems working, and keeps us safe. Keep time for breathwork - Maybe in the morning or late evening when you want to focus and reconnect back to yourself. My personal favorite is a 10-min guided chakra meditation on youTube. All it takes is 10 mins of my day. it's simple and effective.

5. Connecting on a soul-level

Have you noticed? Sometimes when you speak to people you are connected to them on a spiritual or intellectual level. When you look in their eye and speak, you realise that this conversation is more than just a chat. It's a connection. It's energy transfer. It's a moment of eureka!

Connect consciously with at least one other soul every day.

6. Visualisation

Only when you visualise your desired reality, as if it was happening now; you can manifest and bring it to your current reality.

Visualisation is diffrent to meditation. During visualisation, we quantum jump realities and feel the emotions of the manifestation. But in meditation, all we do is quiet our mind to focus back to ourselves. Both are equally important.

My best practice with visualisation is watching a millionaire visualisation video, followed by a minute of visualisation with guided music - before bedtime.

7. Raise Vibrations

Ask yourself as many times as possible in a day - "How am I feeling now?". Your emotions are your vibrational indicator. If you are feeling low, look back at your 'Joy' column and do what makes you happy. This will raise your vibration. Do it as many times as possible in a day.

8. Self-love and self-care

Only when you can truly love yourself, you have something to offer to others

- Abraham Hicks

Take some time for being kind to yourself and taking care of yourself every day. If you were your own best friend, how would you take care of your best friend? It can be simple things like a long shower, moisturising your body, making a cup of coffee for yourself, or taking a much-needed break during the day. Take time to pay attention to yourself. What does your body need at the moment? Is it hydration? Is it rest? It is exercise? Or is it discipline? Observer closely.

21 Days Manifestation Mindset practice

Start the practices. I promise to do it with you and share my journey every day on Instagram.


Starts on 20th June until 9th July 2022.



I will come live every day at 7:30 pm (BST) and share my journey. You can either join my live video or comment/DM me with questions and hurdles that come your way.

Sounds good? Head straight to my Instagram to join my journey....


About me:

I am Pallavi Prasad, your Law of attraction manifestation and mindset coach. With over 15 years of experience in manifesting miracles in my own life, I have been helping others live their life to full potential with the help of the universal laws of nature - especially the law of attraction and the law of vibration.

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