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My experience as a City Host for Coventry City of Culture

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I am Pallavi Prasad. I am a city host for Coventry City of culture 2021. This is my story of how being a city host brought a sense of belonging to this city. Now that the city of culture is coming to an end, I wanted to share my pride on my blog.

I am originally from India. We have been living in Coventry for about 9 years now. My husband got a job in Jaguar land rover and this led to our move from Essex to Coventry.

When we first moved in, it never felt like a city of strangers. This city took us in as if we were it's own.

When I saw the opportunity to be a city host, I took it all in with both arms. I learned so much about this city and its people! I was a part of many great events and experiences. Being a law of attraction manifesting coach myself, I only met positive people; supportive and ever-smiling city hosts, and some great team leaders. I am so proud to be a part of such a lovely family.

We took our family to almost every event as a part of the City of culture. We loved the hustle and bustle of this city. Every weekend, we are out and about. We had friends coming in from around the country to join us. My in-laws came to visit us from India and we took them to some great experiences too.

I still remember, when we took them to 'The Awakening by Gratte Ciel' and there was an explosion of colours at the end of the event. My daughter burst out with excitement and my in-laws were ecstatic! We all absolutely love this city!

The Reel store was another such experience. We managed to get the pre-launch tickets and were mesmerised by the visuals. We had seen nothing like this before for sure.

My most memorable experience was the Lismorian Ball. I loved Daniel Lismore: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Exhibition and I was (am) a big fan of his work. I am an artist and when I have the urge to express my emotions, I use art as a medium. I paint on my shoes. I have pained my kitchen walls with lemons! I resonate with artists who dare enough to be themselves and take art to another whole new level. I love art with purpose.

The crowd at the Lismorian ball was so artistic! May sound cheesy, but the people who had gathered were all into art and fashion. There was entertainment too. I was so excited to meet Daniel at the Lismorian ball! He is so humble!

I also enjoyed the celebration events organised for us, to recognise and appreciate our commitment towards the city.

We went to lots of exhibitions at the Herbert Museum including the Turner prize. My daughter took part in the Arts Award discover via the Herbert Museum and received her certificate too from Trinity College, London.

Being in this wonderful city and watching it develop; being a city host and being in the center of all the events and experiences have brought this wonderful city closer to our hearts. I am ever so grateful for this opportunity to be a city host and being able to help my children experience the richness the city has to offer. As they are born here, and will be growing up here, it is such a great feeling! We are proud to be in a city, we call home now.


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