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Healing miscarriages and embodying healthy pregnancies through Law of Attraction manifesting

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Healing miscarriages and embodying healthy pregnancies through Law of Attraction manifesting

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. We embody and bring another soul into this world! Sometimes it can be a bumpy ride. We need to unlearn and re-learn several times in our lives to keep growing.

I would like to share my own experience. I had 2 emotionally painful miscarriages before having my lovely daughters.

When I was going through this roller coaster ride, I put on weight. I physically weighed myself down. Questioned myself if something was wrong with me and hurt myself with guilt for no fault of mine.

Miscarriages happen. There is no specific reason for why it happens.

  • I was told I was very active, I was out and about, not resting enough, being myself and that's why it happened.

  • I was told that my body was not strong enough, when I was actually eating healthy.

  • I was told to lose weight and stress my brain out to have a baby

  • I was checked for astrological alignment

  • I was told a lot if things!

We always blame ourselves for all that happens to "us". While others load us with suggestions that they think can help find the root cause of hurt rather than help heal. Empathy is one thing. Understanding and helping heal is another.

It is so important to heal mentally, physically and emotionally at this point!

  • Let go off the guilt.

  • Understand that your body is capable of great things. But you need to learn to self-love, respect your body and give it time to recover and to heal

  • Don't dig into why it happened. Instead, visualise how you're healed and back to being yourself.

  • Be grateful. Yes! Be grateful that your body has rejected something that wasn't growing well. Your body is actually working for you.

  • Surround yourself people who truly love you

Always remember to keep light of hope in your heart radiating love and believe that the best days are just on your way....

If you need to have a chat about how to heal, please get in touch with me. I would love to help you through your journey...

Pallavi Prasad and kiran Rao with their girls

I then went onto manifest a blissful, happy and healthy pregnancy. Twice!

It's not exactly luck.

  • I let go of the fear of miscarriage. I let go of the thought of guilt for losing my baby. It's not my fault. I let go of my old belief systems...

  • I didn't see myself as a victim. I stopped asking "why did this happen to me". I instead choose to believe that it's all a part of learning and this experience is making my soul rich 💖

  • I saw pain as an experience. I saw pain as an energy. As with any energy - it can only be transformed from one for to another. So I used this energy to divert my mind into something constructive. We made travel plans and took a tour to Turkey. I made myself happy!

  • I chose to ignore the 'valuable suggestions' others had to give

  • I listened closely to my body. I let it heal. I didn't push it. I trusted it.

  • I practiced gratitude. "I am grateful for my body for helping me embody this soul, for healing my pain and being there for me". Its very easy to get carried away by all bad experiences people have had with NHS and focus on it passionately. But if you shift your focus on gratitude and be grateful for all the services that NHS has to offer, you will attract more of it!

  • I respected my body more than ever! No one can do this, but my body

I 'deliberately' created thoughts and visualised living every moment of my pregnancies with joy and positivity using the law of attraction✨

I felt happy in the anticipation that it will manifest...

I said to myself with all my heart "I am worthy of this joy"

I always wanted to have 2 girls from as long as I can remember and my dreams have come true! Whenever I think about this manifestation I get emotional. Because I my belief that the universe will deliver exactly what you want when you truly trust the process and focus your mind towards it; has been reassured in the most wonderful manifestaion of my life!

Get in touch to guide you through your pregnancy and help you live it to your fullest.


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